Here's a graph of my weight. It's automatically updated daily.

In this blog post I tell how to utilize inotify-tools to set up information exchange between local machine and this web server.

Here's a gnuplot script that creates this graph. It uses ImageMagick's convert tool to produce PNG out of PS.

weightfile = "< grep morning weight.txt"
# File format:
# 1 Apr 2010, morning -- 85.5

# X axis
set xdata time
set timefmt "%d %b %Y"
set format x "%b %Y"

# Y axis -- right
set ylabel "Weight [kg]"
set yr [66:76]
set mytics 2

# Y axis -- left
set y2label "Weight [kg]"
set y2r [66:76]
set my2tics 2
set y2tics nomirror

# Legend
set key right top

# Set output destination -- postscript file
set terminal postscript eps enhanced color solid
set output ""

# Plot data
plot weightfile using 1:6 title "Accurate", weightfile using 1:6 smooth bezier title "Smooth", 71.5 title "Goal"

# Convert to png (160 means width of 800px)
!convert -density 160 -fill white weight.png

Nice gnuplot tutorials are here and here.

Auxiliary graph with my lifetime weight is one click away.