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Hi, I am Paul Shved, also known as Pavel Shved. I am a Software Engineer with a decade of experience in building large-scale distributed systems, leadership, and innovation.

My most recent specialization is Deep Learning for computer vision tasks. Building on top of my experience building ML Infrastructure in Google Search Ads and my work as part of Stanford AI Program, I've joined Zoox as a Perception Engineer in 2019 to work on Lidar perception models.

Throughout my career, I've been building computing platforms as well. I led a team on App Engine in Google Cloud, built a Machine Learning framework-as-a-service in Search Ads from scratch, and even assembled our workstations into a Cloud to run our research software when I was working on my Master's.

Before I worked at Google, I was a researcher interested in Static Software Analysis (when one piece of software finds bugs in other software) and worked on Linux Kernel Driver verification. Here are my publications (~100 citations).

You can find my resume here and on LinkedIn.

This is my personal site, mainly to host my blog "A Foo walks into a Bar...". Please note, that opinions expressed on this site are my personal, not those of my current or any of my former employers.

Background info

I live in San Francisco, CA. Recently, I've completed a Stanford graduate program in Machine Learning. Previously, I graduated from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, and received a Bachelor's degree in Applied Mathematics and Physics, Masters in Computer Science.

In addition to coding at work, I like to tinker with small devices at home. Nothing beats the pleasure of shipping a complete product! I made an SF Muni Bus Stop Sign out of Raspberry Pi. I've also recently used the same device to build a Smiling Robot as my CS231n Stanford course project (here's the description, and here's the project poster).

I used to be active on StackOverflow. At some point, I was in top #500 users by points. But now I only have this many:

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Contact info

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Personal info

My main hobby these days is Road Bicycle racing. I've achieved an upgrade to Category 4 in the amateur Northern California league of USA Cycling. I'm also always down for a game of Werewolf (aka Mafia) but since winning the college championship in 2008, I'm basically retired from competitive play.