Paul Shved (me)
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Hi, I am Paul Shved, also known as Pavel Shved. I am a Software Engineer with a decade of experience in Data Science, Large-Scale Distributed Systems, leadership, and innovation.

My current passion is Deep Learning and Data Science for Computer Vision and Autonomous Vehicles. I have been working at a 10-person company BlueSpace.AI as a Perception Engiener at-large since 2021. Previously, I worked as a Lidar Perception Engineer at a robotaxi company Zoox and on Camera-based models at another AV startup. After 4 years in the industry, I still believe in the promise of self-driving cars.

Throughout my career, I've been building computing platforms as well. I led a team that built Google's Cloud Run after starting at App Engine as a Junior Engineer, built a Machine Learning framework-as-a-service in Search Ads, and even assembled our workstations into a Cloud to run our research software when I was working on my Master's Degree.

My interests as a researcher have been in Static Software Analysis (software that finds bugs in other software) and worked on Linux Kernel Driver verification. Here are my publications (~100 citations). I've submitted four commits to Linux Kernel.

You can find my resume on LinkedIn.

This is my personal site, mainly to host my blog "A Foo walks into a Bar...". Please note, that opinions expressed on this site are my personal, not those of my current or any of my former employers.

Background info

I live in San Francisco, CA. Recently, I've completed a Stanford graduate program in Machine Learning. Previously, I graduated from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, and received a Bachelor's degree in Applied Mathematics and Physics, Masters in Computer Science.

In addition to coding at work, I sometimes tinker with small devices at home. Nothing beats the pleasure of shipping a complete product! I made an SF Muni Bus Stop Sign out of Raspberry Pi. I've also recently used the same device to build a Smiling Robot as my CS231n Stanford course project (here's the description, and here's the project poster).

I used to be active on StackOverflow. At some point, I was in top #500 users by points. But now I only have this many:

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Contact info

My e-mail:

Hobbies and Achievements

I'm an avid skier and have been active in endurance sports for years. I used to compete in the official USA Cycling league as an amateur Road Bicycle racer, achieving a racing category upgrade. I'm an okay tenor. I'm also always down for a game of Werewolf (aka Mafia) but since winning the college championship in 2008, I'm basically retired from competitive play.