Pavel Shved (me)
That's me.
I am Paul Shved, also known as Pavel Shved. I live in San Francisco, California, where I moved from Russia. I graduated from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, and received a Master's degree in Applied Mathematics, specializing in System Programming.

This is my personal site, mainly to host my blog "A Foo walks into a Bar...".

Professional info

My profession, vocation and hobby at the same time (which I'm lucky with) is programming in a very broad sense. I would never limit it to "coding", "development", "computer science" or even "computer programming". I like to study how programming works in general, and I'm fascinated about building systems that do complex work without user's involvement and figure things on their own. I'm a proud Linux user; I use it at home, and many of my computing adventures are related to this OS in one or another way.

Currently, I've just started at my new job at Google in AppEngine team. More about my professional experience contains my slightly outdated CV, hosted at Please note, that opinions expressed on this site are my personal, not those of my current or any of my former employers.

By the way, about StackOverflow. I'm its member of moderate activity level, and so I just can't help linking my user bar here.

Contact info

My e-mail: The same address is of my Jabber account.

Personal info

I like watching movies, and no less I like to rate them. Here's my IMDB vote history, or, in other words, my personal chart.

I'm very fond of mafia parlor game and try to play it occasionally at parties held in my university, and at Exler's forum.