Hello! My name Pavel Shved, 21, I am a russian programmer and I'm a blogger now. More info about me is here. And this is is my blog, because of which I wrote this web-site.

On this blog, I express my own opinions only, and not those of my employer, or any of my former employers. Only my personal stuff belongs here. The employers' both official and non-official opinions and announcements reside elsewhere.

What is this blog about?

The title of this blog is self-descriptive and is well recognized by its target audience as a nice joke. Yep, it's about programming, the things that surround it, the things that bother me in it, the things I find interesting or useful.

I just start to learn the world of programming. Although I already know some stuff, there's still a lot to discover. And the things I encounter on that road are what I write about here. My posts diverge into two categories:

  • Serious post: sometimes I find out that something I learned is not described, known, or presented well. Or maybe I just want to feel like a teacher that has something to say. Then I write a "serious" blog post about it.
  • Relax post: and sometimes I notice amusing things, curiously connected concepts, or just want to express a non-common thought on a non-technical controversial question. Then I--you got it right--post in my blog.

I don't try to focus on particular technologies; neither in the blog, nor in career. Different ones amuse me over time, I praise them, study them, use them, criticize them, rant at them and finally condemn to personal oblivion (Delphi, for example, has made all the way through it). However, I'm just starting, so who knows what this blog project will turn into. Anyway, check the tag cloud to get a rough estimate of what I blog most about.

You stole design from "Coding Horror"!

No, I didn't! The design became just... well... like this.

It appears that Jeff Atwood's blog "Coding Horror", which I, among other blogs, regularly read, might really have influenced the design. But I noticed it post factum. After I completed the design that fits my sense of beauty, is logical, and easy to implement, it appeared very much like Jeff's one.

Maybe such set of CSSs can't be considered "design" at all, maybe it's not that uncommon, but, well, I'll just satisfy my shame with putting the proper acknowledgment. Sorry, Jeff.


To comment a post, you should identify yourself. For now, you may login via OpenID. The OpenID you log in with will be published near your comment. Here's an explanation why the engine does that.

Commenting functionality is intentionally limited to single-threaded line. Please, be literate and polite.


The language used here is... well... Any Russian would perceive it outright as "English", while any English-speaking reader would discern "bad English" in it, and I would accept is as compliment.

Nevertheless, you may comment in any language you want, provided I understand it (these are Russian, English and bad German).

Links to external sites, language of which is Russian, will be marked with small Russian flag, like this.

Why not Russian?

Indeed, although I was born and still, unfortunately, live in Russia, the fact that I blog in English is somewhat surprising. There are many reasons I use English. First, it's easier to write technical texts in English than in Russian. Second, English is an industrial standard for programming; many names and captions are in English and translating them all would be cumbersome. Third, I want to improve my English. And at last, it will increase my audience.

I was going to make a multilingual version of the site, but I realized that I just hate translating, as it doesn't create more information than it were before.

So, thank you and I hope you'll enjoy reading.

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Roman Kecher on 05 January 2010 commented:

I liked the blog's name alot :)

I'll make an effort to visit from time to time as your blog seems pretty interesting. Good luck.

Pavel Shved on 07 January 2010 commented:

Thank you for feedback! Being the first commenter, you also made me fix the comments %).