This website just got a new look (with mobile layout), a new web hosting, and a new technology that powers it. I’ll post the summary in the coming days. And otherwise, just enjoy fewer lags and 500 errors. (Except today when I accidentally routed the traffic to the wrong Load Balancer. >_<)

I’ll be writing separate posts about these migrations, but here’s what went where.

  • Website hosting moved from Rackspace Cloud hellscape of a single manually managed Gentoo Linux instance to Amazon Elastic Beanstalk. Apart from manually managing a VM, managing a Gentoo VM is its own special hell.

  • Image hosting moved to Google Photos. Especially since Google photos is not as much of a walled garden as it used to be.

  • Video hosting dies–why have it when we have youtube and vimeo. Yes, I had my own small video hosting service. I’m glad it died.

  • Code hosting moved to my Github page.

  • Email filters. The server used to run an IMAP filtering script that was scanning my gmail inbox and sorting mail. I’ve created filters in Gmail interface instead.

Non-essential services have been happily shut down. And I hope you’re enjoying the new site and 0ms page load times. Shoot me an email if something’s not right.