There are not many museums around the world that are specifically devoted to computers. The two I know about are Bletchley Park, located 70 km away from London, and Computer History Museum. The former is not about computers per se, though; rather, it's about the decrypting German messaging during the World War II that happened right there. And the latter is completely devoted to computers.

I visited this Computer History Museum two weeks ago, during my short trip to the Silicon Valley. Here's a couple of photos I made there.

Here's my personal favorite, a slide rule tie clip (as I love ties, I want such thing either!)

Oh, here's another Penn&Paper's solution. It's a clone of Microsoft Visio diagram sketching tool:

Nowadays, you may measure the uptime with a single shell command. Back then, there were devices specifically designed for this:

"Man" is a shorthand of "manual" in Linux word, and not what you, a feminist, thought about.

Need a man to learn what uptime is? Here's your man:

And, of course, a full-size working copy of a Babbage machine (I didn't see the demo, bu they say it works!)

The museum has more of these. Due to my schedule, I only had a bit more than an hour to visit it (note that there's no admission on Mondays and Tuesdays!) But if you'll be around, it's totally worth it. Don't miss it, it looks like this:

(And if you happen to find yourself thirsty, don't go to that bar across the street: the service is quite bad there.)