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25 February 2011XML Stream Parsing: Overview
26 January 2011A poor man's benchmark and stopwatch
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24 December 2010Penn&Paper's Solutions™: Progress Tracker
14 December 2010Porting Perl's features to Ruby
30 November 2010A year of blogging
27 November 2010Parallel merge sort
20 November 2010Prisoners and Fairness
07 November 2010Syntax elements? User-defined functions!
23 October 2010An example of indentation
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09 October 2010Four years later, GNU Make 3.82 is released!
03 October 2010Searching for the declarative language
09 September 2010Cross-compiling ARM kernel on x86
05 September 2010Scrum: our three iterations
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30 June 2010OpenID as a public authentication mechanism
17 June 2010Performance metrics and parallelization
08 June 2010Today I wrote my first unit test...
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15 February 2010Do programmers hate their jobs?
09 February 2010Code stealing prevention advices
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04 February 2010Undefined behavior
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07 January 2010Easy parallelization with Bash in Linux
04 January 2010Software engineering quine
27 December 2009Make: a Filesystem Transformation Prover
15 December 2009Treap: simple balanced search tree
30 November 2009Busting C++ myths: virtual function calls are slow
30 November 2009Programming as Controlling Mindless Zombies
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